While auto insurance companies typically charge teens more, rather than just shelling out thousands without a fight, there are ways of lowering the cost to a manageable level.

Being a teenage driver doesn't have to automatically mean expensive premiums

Insurers know their business through decades of gathering statistical data. Unfortunately for families with children just trying out their licenses, the statistics show that teenage drivers are a substantial risk when it comes to loss. In order to offset this loss, insurers often jack up the premiums for whomever is paying the bill by sometimes more than double what was being paid before. Fortunately there are ways to save money, even with young drivers on the plan.

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The most obvious method of saving on a teen driver is to explore other options with different companies. We can help by matching you with a provider with a strong reputation that you can trust. Some companies will seek to take advantage of a family's history and reluctance to switch providers when they have been with a company for a long time. By just giving another company the chance to quote, you could wind up saving hundreds or thousands on your policy.

Another way to save when it comes to a teenager on a policy is to have your son or daughter take a defensive driving course. Many providers will offer discounts for both young adults who take certified courses in defensive or safe driving methods and can provide proof of course completion. The savings may seem small at first glance, but when added up over the years between 15 or 16 to twenty-five when policy rates usually normalize for young adults, it can add up to a significant amount of money. If your son or daughter is a good student, they may also be eligible for a good student discount with some companies.

Finally, you may want to consider that it might be less expensive not to insure your son or daughter on your policy at all. Of course a younger driver needs coverage in order to legally drive, but they don't have to be insured on your policy, it is possible to get them their own policy and, under certain circumstances, that could bring you substantial savings on the premiums of your low cost policy and theirs by paying separately rather than combined.


Cover your child for less

Using a little know-how and understanding of policies regarding younger motorists, you can convince an insurer to reduce your rate.


Look to other companies or policies

It may be time to cut the apron strings in order to save money when it comes to a younger driver. See how a separate plan can help.